Technology Learning Center
Cuyahoga Community College

Cleveland, OH
35,000 sf

American School and University Design Annual
This 35,000 sf facility entailed a detailed Programming efforts to affirm the actual programmatic, instructional, technology and physical needs of this large community college for technology-assisted learning. The resulting program called for six different electronic classrooms, and a Technology Learning Center with 150 work stations for students and faculty for independent, technology-assisted learning. After a series of site studies, an existing under-utilized lecture hall annex was selected due to its tall floor-to-floor heights and column-free structure. The building was gutted and the TLC grafted onto the frame atop the campus parking structure on three of the four sides.

The Provost requested that the Design Team create a ”beacon to the community that will be a national model for distance learning.” The design team responded with a compositional form designed from the inside-out to create a warm, inviting and highly functional facility, with the very best technology tools, high-speed, high-capacity data/ video network infrastructure and raised flooring for quick, easy reconfigurations to respond to changing technology and curriculum objectives.
“The realization of the project has been a dynamic and stimulating endeavor through which our design team has displayed enthusiasm and design leadership. They have led us through a design process that spans the spectrum from a long range master plan to the chips inside the computers.”

Robert Bennett AIA
Cuyahoga Community College V. P. Operations