Wayne Dalton Corporation HQ
Mt. Hope, OH
55,000 sf

AIA Ohio Design Award
AIA Cleveland Design Award
First Place, Build Ohio Competition

AIA Ohio Directory Cover
This 55,000 sf three-building facility evolved from the client’s interest to develop a modern headquarters that reflected its high-technology manufacturing and operation, but to locate the facility in the heart of rural Amish country to reflect the owners’ pride and gratitude to the Amish employee constituents whose carpentry craftsmanship has propelled the company’s success.

As a result, the design challenge entailed the development of “modern” form in a distinctly non-modern context. The design developed breaks the scale of the headquarters into masses and forms more common to the local vernacular. The entry rotunda is a silo-like form, with its base eroded to bring the eye into a three-story atrium reception chamber as a welcoming gesture.

The office wing is a rectangular barn-like mass to the north, with enclosed offices pushed to the north and south of each level, allowing daylight and views of the picturesque landscape for all. The support functions are clustered in a stepped mass to the south, which requires all staff and visitors to pass through the rotunda atrium for elevator, rest rooms, central copy, lounge/ food service and fitness uses.
"They designed a tremendous facility for Wayne Dalton Corporation. Everyone - visitors and staff, passes through this wonderful, light-filled rotunda at different levels no matter where they are going. It's a tremendously uplifting experience. Even the back of the building is beautifully designed and articulated!"

Peter Pran, FAIA, Director of Design, NBBJ
American Institute of Architects Ohio Design Awards Jury Chairperson