Café Paradiso
Cleveland, OH
4,500 sf

IBD/ IIDA National Design Award
AIA Ohio Design Award
AIA Cleveland Design Award
IIDA Cleveland Regional Design Award
NAIOP Regional Design Award

Interior Design
Architectural Record Lighting
This gourmet pastry and coffee café features forms derived from its menu to signal its focus and specialization. Pastry nozzles, wafer cookies, cookie cutouts and spoon forms are employed in three dimensions to order movement in the space.

Patrons are intentionally drawn by the display cases to queue a processional that is social and gustatorial. Granite tables and light and dark oak chairs provide a balance between supporting the presentation of product and adding just enough warmth to create an inviting place to eat, see and be seen.
“In looking at this project, there is great joy in the completeness, care and consistency with which details were handled.”

Merrill Elam, AIA, Principal
Scogin, Elam & Bray
AIA Awards Jury Chairperson